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Is your brain not working as well as it did or are you anxious about someone else?

People diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease have recovered so well that they have gone back to work after Dr Dale Bredesen’s treatment.

When the breakdown of the connections between the nerve cells in your brain is greater than the making of connections, your brain doesn’t work so well, your memory falters, you feel vague or you may start getting lost in familiar places.

There are six main reasons for this: loss of blood sugar control, inflammation, unbalanced hormones, toxins, poor circulation and lastly brain injury. When enough of these are improved your brain function can stop getting worse and can even get better. Your memory can return.

See Dr Bredesen’s 2017 book ‘The End of Alzheimer’s The First Programme to Prevent and Reverse the Cognitive Decline of Dementia’ published by Vermilion.

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